My First Blogging Bootcamp: Lessons Learned and Tips for Success

My First Blogging Bootcamp: Lessons Learned and Tips for Success

15 yrs dev experience. Never been to Bootcamp


If you're like me with 15 years of dev experience but never attended a Bootcamp, let me tell you, joining the Hashnode Bootcamp was a game changer.

The experience was amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to upskill their coding abilities.

The Hashnode Bootcamp was an online event with top bloggers as speakers. As someone who had never attended a Bootcamp before, I was excited to learn new skills, meet like-minded people, and improve my writing.

However, I also had some doubts and fears, such as whether I was good enough to be a blogger, or whether I would fit in with the other participants. In the end, I'm glad I took the plunge and signed up for the Bootcamp.

I would like to start with a quote from one of the speakers, Ákos Kőműves

Don’t forget the “Person” in Personal Brand

The purpose of technical writing is to create documents that are -

  • Accurate

  • Informative

  • Easy to Understand

Here's what I learned.

The Importance of Writing as a Developer - Ankur Tyagi

The above topic was taken by one of my good friends Ankur, who started his blogging career 3 years ago. Below is the gist of what he shared with us.

Technical Writing makes you grow

  • Technical Writing makes you grow - It doesn't matter if there is already a blog written for a topic, every blog article will be unique to someone.

  • Write for the audience and not for yourself - Editing is important, Good title and summary help your audience to engage more with your writing.

  • What is the source of content ideas? - Twitter is the perfect platform for generating new and exciting content ideas. With endless discussions and trending topics, you'll never run out of inspiration.

  • Cross-Posting Your Blogs - Cross-posting can increase visibility and attract new audiences. Share your blog articles across mediums like LinkedIn, Medium,, and Twitter. It's easy and free!

Leveraging Technical Writing to Land Opportunities and Boost Your Developer Career - Swapna Kumar Panda

Swapna is a Tech Writer, Tech Educator, Blogger, and Mentor. He shared some valuable points on leveraging technical writing to boost developer careers.

Developers are first-hand problem solvers

  • The 3 pillars of any Product - Document, Application, and Relations

  • Technical writing can be of various formats like - textual, infographic, audio, and video.

  • How you can monetize your work?

    • Subscriptions

    • Collaborations

    • Paid content

    • Ghostwriting

  • How technical writing benefits?

    • Great communication skills

    • Better visibility

    • Improved lifestyle

  • Unlock endless possibilities with technical writing - Find your passion as a mentor, speaker, or educator. Become the bridge between technology and comprehension. Endless opportunities await.

  • Visibility takes time - It takes time and effort to build a strong presence, but the results are worth it. Consistency is key, so make sure you're posting regularly and engaging with your network.

    Remember, it's not just about promoting yourself, but also providing value to your audience. With patience and persistence, you can increase your visibility and grow your professional brand.

Leveraging Social Media for Monetization - Nader Dabit

Nader has been building web and mobile applications for over 10 years focusing on everything from blockchain to cloud, web, and cross-platform mobile application development. Below are some of the valuable points he shared with us.

Good artists borrow, and great artists, steal

  • Personal Branding - Personal branding is crucial for success. A clear bio, specialization, and links to your work are key. Make yourself an expert in something specific and stand out from being a generalist.

  • Maximize Your Online Presence: Tips for Social Media Success

    • Learn in Public

    • Be consistent

    • Be helpful

    • Be authentic

    • Use rich media

    • Backlink social media profiles

      Remember, it's not about gimmicks or clickbait - it's about building relationships and adding value.

  • Create, Learn, Share. Mix it up! - Content creation is all about sharing your knowledge and skills with others. By reusing content in multiple formats, you can create a new project or app and even open-source it!

    Tap into other networks to expand your reach. Put your own spin on something that's already been done.

Building Your Personal Brand on Social Media - Ákos Kőműves

Akos is having more than 20 years of building software. He is helping people get into writing and sharing. Below is the summary of what he shared with us.

  • Simple tools can make a big impact - Analysing your content engagement and taking corrective actions. Writing can be of various forms like copywriting, tech-writing, storytelling, and Idea generation.

  • Focus on writing, building impressions, and putting the "person" in a personal brand.

  • Forget the rules and competition - be authentic. Share valuable content with your audience.

Freelance Writing Opportunities for Developers - James Q Quick

James is a JavaScript Developer, Keynote Speaker, Content Creator, and a Teacher. He shared some valuable points on freelance writing opportunities.

  • Just get started - It's time to stop hesitating and start doing. You have what it takes to succeed, all you need is the courage to begin. So go ahead, take that first step, and watch as your potential unfolds before your eyes.

  • Don't be ashamed to reuse content - Reusing content saves time and maximizes reach. Share your knowledge in new ways and recycle old posts. Stay relevant and efficient.

    Don't let old content collect dust, give it new life by repurposing it. Your audience will appreciate the fresh perspective and you'll save time.

  • Quantity & Quality both matter - Craft content that resonates with your audience. Invest time in creating quality posts that provide value and engage your followers.
    Don't just focus on quantity; prioritize quality over quantity to build a strong online presence. Quality content will always win over spammy posts.

    Invest in quality, not just quantity.


Overall, my experience of attending a blogging Bootcamp was challenging but rewarding. I learned a lot about myself as a writer and gained valuable insights into the world of blogging.

My Bootcamp experience allowed me to take my first step in the blogging world. I may not be a pro, but I'm eager to learn and grow. With each post, I strive to improve my writing skills and share my unique perspective.

Whether you're an aspiring blogger or an experienced writer looking to up your game, I highly recommend giving these kinds of Bootcamp a try. Who knows, it might be the start of a whole new adventure!